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Fritz Guy PhD, Coordinator

  • Research Professor of Philosophical Theology (1961, 1990)
  • DD hc La Sierra University 2002
  • PhD University of Chicago 1971

History of philosophy, philosophy of religion, ethics, philosophy of time

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Gary Chartier JD, Ph.D, Associate Dean, Zapara School of Business

  • Associate Dean, Zapara School of Business
  • Professor of Law and Business Ethics (2001)
  • JD University of California at Los Angeles 2001
  • PhD University of Cambridge 1991

Law and legal theory, ethics, political theory

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James W. Beach DA

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics (1979)
  • DA Idaho State University 1977


John R. Jones, Ph.D
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John R. Jones Ph.D

  • Associate Professor of New Testament Studies and World Religions (1990)
  • PhD Vanderbilt University 1982

Biblical Languages and Background, Scriptural Interpretation and Theology, Phenomenology of Religions

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Andrew Howe PhD, Chair

  • Associate Professor of History (2005)
  • Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 2005
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John Ng MA

  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics (1996)
  • MA University of California, Los Angeles 1979

Logic, foundations of mathematics

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John W. Webster PhD

  • Professor of Theology and History of Christianity (1999)
  • PhD Princeton Theological Seminary 1995

Moral philosophy, philosophy of religion

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