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where academic investigation +
christian faith +
service to others unite

Committees & Counselors

The Stahl Center Committee
Monte Andress, retired anthropology professor annually offers LSU’s mission class, and teaches international entrepreneurial course at the University of Redlands.

Kay Clayton, trained in sociology and with experience in the Philippines, is education curator for the Stahl Center Museum of Culture.

John Jones, dean of the School of Religion and chair of the Stahl Center Committee, claims fully three decades of experience in Asia.

Wonil Kim, assistant professor of Hebrew scriptures, couples Asia roots with a passionate commitment to global justice.

Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, Modern Languages Department chair, draws upon skills in Hispanic language, literature, and culture.

Inelda Ritchie Christianson, raised in Mexico and a member of the internationally conscious Iner Sheld Ritchie family, is museum curator.

Charles Teel, Jr., professor of religion and society, is director of the Stahl Center.

John Webster, a third generation South African, is professor of Christian theology and church history.

Stahl Center Counselors
Nancy Bailey, Ted Benedict, Deborah Case, Israel Chambi, Romona Clark, Joan Coggin, Ray Griffith, Linda Halstead, Marylin Jacobsen, Betty Jutzy, Karen Kotoskee, Florence Lorenz, Bobby Mays, Jean Murdoch, Milton Murray, Thaine Price, Jon Robertson, Elisabeth Wear, Ronald Zane.