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where academic investigation +
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service to others unite

Passing a vision of world service to a new generation in contexts which foster religious toleration, human rights, and individual empowerment.

One of the best ways to understand world service, attain a tolerant view of others, and expand ones experience is through travel overseas. The Stahl Center, in collaboration with La Sierra University, provides yearly study tours to Peru. Students and community members alike are given the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Ana and Fernando Stahl, as well as come face to face and heart to heart with the people of Peru.


  • The Stahl Center at La Sierra University
  • Following in the footsteps of Fernando and Ana Stahl


  • Dr. Charles Teel, Jr. / Professor of Religion and Society, La Sierra University (since 1967)


  • Subsidized student rates
  • Financial aid for qualifying students
  • Regularly scheduled airlines
  • Daily meals as indicated
  • Tourist class hotels with private baths


  • Cruising the Amazon
  • Sailing Lake Titicaca
  • Visiting the "floating islands"
  • Celebrating Cusco
  • Experiencing Machu Picchu
  • Viewing Lima museums
  • Visiting Colegio Fernando Stahl
  • Touring Clinica Ana Stahl
  • Flying over the Nazca Lines*
  • Cruising the Ballestas Islands*
  • Sighting tens of thousands of sea birds*
  • Sighting thousands of seals & sea lions*
  • Dining over the Pacific surf*
  • *April 1-4 tour extension: Nazca Lines, Ballestas Cruise, Las Dunas Resort


  • Gustavo Gutierrez, Theology, San Marcos University
  • Douglas Havens, Development, ADRA/Peru Director
  • Jose Tamayo, History, Peru National Library Director
  • David Tejada, Public Health, Peru Minister of Health


  • The Judeo-Christian themes for social ethics
  • The Advent movement from "closed door" to "world"
  • The unity and diversity of golbal Adventism
  • The shared worship ties that bind across cultures
  • The syncretism in Andean religious and cultural life
  • The motivation fostered by myth, ritual, and symbol
  • The interplay of sacred & secular in Inca cosmology
  • The social transformation initiated by the Stahl presence
  • The incarnation of gospel in hearts and in structures
  • The role of religion as progressive and/or repressive
  • The realities of syncretism in culture contact

TOUR GUIDEBOOKS - well researched & lavishly illustrated

  • Eyesitness Travel: Peru
  • Insight Guides: Peru
  • LSU Peru Tour Course Reader

TOUR STUDY COURSE - Students consult advisor re which Univ Studies course

  • RELE 447 Religion & Society (University Studies elective)
  • RELE 205 Biblical Ethics & Modern World (University Studies elective)
  • RLGN 304 Adventism in Global Perspective (University Studies elective)


La Sierra University Stahl Center / 4500 Riverwalk Parkway / Riverside, CA / 92515
(La Sierra University Website & Peru Tour Brochure)
Office phone: 951-785-2041 / Email: (subject: "Peru Tour")