Music Camp June 15-27

Enroll you child(ren) for a fun and educational two weeks of AVPA's Summer Music Camp and Academy. The past years of this camp have been great successes, but this one will be even better!

Camp veterans get to experience new classes, discuss new topics, dive deeper into old topics, and best of all, make great lifelong friends!

CSI Camp July 13-16, July 20-23

Students will discover how to secure and process a crime scene. Each day, students will learn skills used in today's crime fighting and learn what it takes to work in the fields of forensics and criminal justice.

This 4 day camp is designed to reinforce the importance of learning teamwork while building self-confidence through individual effort and education.

Science Camp: Ultimate Science Week June 27-31

During Ultimate Science Week, students will cover a wide-range of sciences. This week includes four days of off-campus learning.

We'll have interactive learning experiences at places like the Aquarium of the Pacific and Knott's Berry Farm.

Science Camp: Marine Excursion August 2-4

For our Marine Excursion, students depart on a three-day, two night tent camping adventure to Sweetwater Regional Park in San Diego.

During our stay in San Diego, students will study kelp feeding and other marine life at the Birch Aquarium.

Montecito Music Festival July 12 – 31

The Montecito International Music Festival is a three week long music festival intended for highly gifted string, piano, wind, and voice students ages 13 and up. Our mission is to instruct, mentor and inspire the next generation of great musicians to improve their technical abilities and hone their craft and musicianship skills, as well as pay homage to today’s prominent masters who have brought immense joy to our lives through their artistry and music.

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