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University Studies

All undergraduate students at La Sierra University participate in a comprehensive general education curriculum called University Studies, which is rooted in the concept of liberal education as a formative and transformative process. University Studies offers an integrated curriculum that:

  • stimulates the meaning-centered development of its students.
  • familiarizes students with the various academic disciplines.
  • exposes students to intercultural, international and inter-ethnic concerns.
  • encourages students to recognize the importance of developing a personal value system to distinguish between right and wrong.

Freshmen are automatically enrolled in University Studies. The program is team-taught by master teachers, with a theme-integrated core curriculum designed to help first-year students find a common thread and meaning in a variety of topics.

Program Outcomes

As students work their way through University Studies as undergraduates, the program prepares them for testable levels of competency in the fundamental skills necessary for a productive life. These include:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in English language composition.
  • The successful completion of minimum requirements in the language and skills of mathematics.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a non-English language.
  • An established understanding of the principles of personal health and fitness and of their relationship to public health.

Students will acquire competencies essential for informed inquiry in:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Fine Arts and aesthetics
  • Foundational studies
  • Healthful living
  • Humanities/social sciences/natural sciences
  • Locating, evaluating, and using resources
  • Religious and spiritual dynamics in human experience