Located in Southern California, about sixty miles east of Los Angeles, the city of Riverside blends small town charm and hospitality with the energy and resources of a rapidly developing metropolitan area. Ranked as the sixth largest city in Southern California, Riverside is a hub of higher education, with three nationally recognized universities located here. The city offers a variety of museums, theaters, festivals and markets, and unique shopping experiences.

  • Metro area population: 304,000
  • Distance to Los Angeles: 95 km/60 miles
  • Distance to the ocean: 56 km/35 miles
  • Distance to the mountains: 117 km/73 miles
  • Distance to the desert: 138 km/86 miles
  • Public transportation: bus or train
  • Average sunny days per year: 300
  • Average January temperature: 18° C/64° F
  • Average July temperature: 35° C/95° F