The process of assessment focuses La Sierra University on three things:

  • Clear articulation of student learning outcomes;
  • Demonstration that students are achieving the learning outcomes we claim;
  • Use of evidence to continually improve the quality of student learning.

Because it provides information that is crucial to our growth and improvement, assessment is never finished.  Instead, it is a cyclical process that enables us to know whether we, as a university family, are achieving the aims that we have set for ourselves.  Included in the cycle are the following steps:

  • Development of  the university’s mission statement and measurable student learning outcomes (SLOs)
  • Development of program mission statements and measurable SLOs, aligned with those of the university
  • Alignment of course-level SLOs with program learning outcomes
  • Development of a 5-year assessment plan during which all SLOs will be evaluated
  • Development (or other acquisition) of tools for assessing each of the SLOs
  • Completion of planned assessments each year, along with annual reporting
  • Completion of program review (which draws heavily on annual reports) every five years