Administration & Leadership

Do you want to be a leader in education? Do you want to be one who really makes a difference? Are you wondering about where your career in education is headed? Learn how to polish your skills as a leader and obtain the necessary credentials in a personalized program. Administrator's Credentials Available. See more...

Curriculum & Instruction

Thinking of becoming a teacher? We can help you fulfill your dream. If you are a caring, helpful person with an interest in children or young people, you might make a wonderful teacher. La Sierra University School of Education has several programs leading to teacher credentials in elementary and secondary education. See more...

School Psychology & Counseling

Do you have a talent for working with students who have psychological and behavioral challenges in the learning environment?

Work in an area where you can truly touch young people's lives in positive and meaningful ways. Consider a career in school counseling and/or school psychology. Other certifications available. See more...

Digital Learning - Online Programs

Want to get an education from the comfort of your home?

Although we place high value on face-to-face interactions between teachers and students, we also provide online education to help you reduce your seat time on campus. In a world that makes multiple demands on you, using online alternatives can help you care for your own healthy balance in life. See more...

School of Education Requirements

Transcripts from all post-secondary academic institutions are required.

ProgramGPALetters of RecommendationGRE ScoresStatementInterview
Master of Arts3.0 Minimum*Only Upon Request by SchoolNo*PersonalYes
Master of Arts in Teaching3.0 Minimum**Only Upon Request by SchoolNoPersonalYes
Credential Program2.75 MinimumOnly Upon Request by SchoolNoPersonalYes
Education Specialist, EDS3.3 Minimum*Only Upon Request by SchoolNo*PersonalYes
Doctor of Education, EDD3.3 Minimum*Only Upon Request by SchoolNo*PersonalYes

* Recent GRE score is required if applying with a GPA below the minimum requirement.
** Passage of CSET score is required prior to acceptance if applying with and undergraduate GPA below 2.75.

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