For over 10 years our School of Education has offered online graduate courses that lead to a Master’s degree—including the Master of Arts in Teaching degree, which allows you to earn a teaching credential. You can take the majority of your classes online with only a couple of classes on campus to earn your degree.

Our classes offer unique learning experiences, with:

  • Small class sizes
  • Totally online courses
  • Accredited degrees
  • Registration 4 times a year
  • Technical support for each course
  • Knowledgeable faculty

Additionally, select courses are available synchronously. You can join the classes as a participating member of select interactive face-to-face courses available to online students.

Without leaving home or interrupting your busy lifestyle, you can experience the quality education that La Sierra University provides. On our website:

  • Learn what students and teachers say about our online courses
  • Find out about the various degrees and certificates in education
  • Find out how you can join us in “Education for the Future”!

Or you may contact us by phone or email to learn more about how our online courses can meet your educational goals. Call 951 785-2203 to speak to DeAnne Knipschild, or email her at:

For more information about the programs offered by the school of Education, you can access the Academic Bulletins.

Scholarships are available for Pacific Union educators, North American Division educators, and school districts educators.

School of Education 2015-2016 Course Schedule

Click here to see School of Education Academic Year 2015-2016 Course Schedule (Including La Sierra University Campus, Union College Campus, Canadian University College Campus, and School of Education Online Courses.)