Tuition Waiver Authorization and Transcript Release

This form is to be completed by Pacific Union Conference teachers planning to take courses at La Sierra University. The completed form is to be submitted to your superintendent of schools, who will forward it to La Sierra University's Records Office. Once this form has been received and processed, course registration instructions will be sent to you by email from the La Sierra University Records Office.

An authorization form must be submitted for each term (quarter) of attendance.

SE - PUC Registration

Pacific Union Conference Registration
Marital Status*
Highest degree earned*
The above named teacher who is currently teaching and meets the provisions of the Pacific Union Conference Education Code Section E10-152, is authorized to attend:
La Sierra University (Check all that apply)*
Conference of employment:*
FINANCIAL INFORMATION: A scholarship to cover tuition and registration fees is given to teachers who are authorized to attend on-campus courses at La Sierra University.This tuition waiver policy applies to all courses offered which will meet credential renewal requirements. Each applicant is eligible for 12 quarter hours per academic year of coursework up through the requirements for the M.A. degree and/or professional certification in teaching, administration, counseling psychology, special education and child development. For additional information, see Education Code Section E10-152 for the policy governing attendance. If a grade of "D" or "F" is received in a course, or if you take a course outside of an approved program, you may be charged tuition.

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