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We welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds whether you’re a beginner or almost fluent in English. ELAC, the English Language and American Culture Program, offers ESL classes for English-language learners. The Program helps students improve their English through coursework, cultural trips, and many different activities. The Program also teaches students about fitting into American culture and helps them adjust to life in the US quickly and smoothly. When students successfully complete the program, they are ready to transition into regular university classes.

Why Study at La Sierra University?

  • You can study in small classes where your teacher knows who you are and how to help you.
  • Our program teaches all aspects of English language, from reading, writing, and grammar, to listening, speaking, and pronunciation, to getting you ready for college in the USA.
  • There are many opportunities to travel around beautiful Southern California.
  • Your teachers are highly educated and experienced in teaching English as a Second Language.
  • You can join different Student Clubswhere you can practice conversation skills with English speakers and meet students from many different countries.
  • You can live on a Christian campus and experience unforgettable moments with students from all over the world.

Learning Levels:


Learn the basics of English reading, writing, and everyday conversation.


Understand more reading material, write grammatically-correct sentences, and learn additional vocabulary.


Start writing paragraphs, essays, and organized papers. Learn vocabulary to start reading early college material.


Read and understand most college material. perfect your listening, pronunciation, and conversational skills.


Participate in the University's BRIDGE Program, which ensures the opportunity for successful transition into full-time university study.

Visiting and getting to know La Sierra University was a pleasant surprise. Being a student of this prestigious center of ESL education is a privilege.

Pastor Luis Gonçalves - South American Division Director of Evangelism

When you enter La Sierra’s campus, you get a special feeling. Everything is clean, nice, and organized. Spiritually and emotionally, everything is peaceful. The weather in Southern California makes everything even better! It adds to the warmth of the campus

Pastor Alexander Schwarz - Trans - Caucasus Union Mission President

Instensive Program

The ESL Intensive program is designed for those who wish to enhance their English language verbal communication skills and desire to be exposed to American culture. The programs focus on increasing proficiency in English language conversation, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening. Learning takes place in the classroom and through exposure to American cultural experiences during a number of learning activities and local excursions.

Classes and activities are scheduled in various formats and in 2-8 week durations through the academic year, including summer quarter.

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