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Heritage Room Document File Index

The Heritage Room has, in addition to its books and periodicals, considerable unpublished information about people, ideas, and institutions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and La Sierra University. Much of that information is organized in the Document File, which contains letters, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, articles, and many related items. Below, we present our index to the Document File; this lists each of the sub-files currently available. Eventually, we hope to make lists of the contents of each sub-file available, but for now the list here should suffice.

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Document Files: A

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   see Adventist Collegiate Task-Force (ACT)
   see Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
A I D S (Disease)
   see Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
A I M S 
   see Adventist International Medical Society (AIMS)
A R T S International
   see Adventist Radio Television Services (ARTS)
   see Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians (ASDAL)
   see Adventist Laymen's Services and Industries (ASI)
Academic Freedom
   see Freedom (Theology)
Adonai Shomo
   see Adventists
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Advent Christian Church
Advent Christian Church. Aurora College
Adventist Adoption and Family Services
   see Family
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries
Adventist Colleges Abroad
Adventist Collegiate Task-Force (ACT)
Adventist Contact
Adventist Currents (Periodical)
Adventist Development and Relief Agency
Adventist Frontier Missions
Adventist Health System/Loma Linda
Adventist Health System/North, Eastern And Middle America
Adventist Health System/Sunbelt Health Care Corporation
Adventist Health System/United States
Adventist Health System/West
Adventist Heritage (Periodical)
Adventist Historic Properties, Inc.
Adventist Home, Livingston, New York
Adventist International Medical Society 
Adventist Laymen's Foundation
Adventist Laymen's Services and Industries
Adventist Living Centers
Adventist Media Center
   see Seventh-day Adventist Radio, Television, and Film Center
Adventist Perspective (Periodical)
Adventist Radio Television Services
Adventist Review (Periodical)
Adventist Risk Management
Adventist Seminary of West Africa
Adventist Singles Ministries
Adventist Teacher's Association
Adventist Television Ministries
Adventist University of Eastern Africa
   see University of Eastern Africa
Adventist World Radio
Adventist Youth Volunteer Service Corps
Africa-India Ocean Division
   see S.D.A.  Africa-Indian Ocean Division
Afro-American Seventh-Day Adventists
   see S.D.A.  Alaska Conference
Albany Conference (1845)
   see Adventists
Amazing Facts (Radio Program)
American Cassette Ministries
American Temperance Society
Americans United For Separation of Church And State
Anderson, Godfrey Tryggve
Anderson, Harry
Anderson, Jacob N.
   see China
Anderson, Roy Allan
Andreasen, Milian Lauritz
   see also Questions on Doctrine (Book)
Andreasen, Niels-Erik
Andrews, John Nevins
Andrews Memorial Hospital (West Indies)
Andrews University
Andrews University -- History.
Andrews University. Institute of Archaeology
Andrews University. James White Library
Andrews University. Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary
Andrews University Educational Research Index
Animals, Clean and Unclean
Apocryphal Books
Apotelesmatic Principle
   see Sanctuary Doctrine--Controversies
Archaeology, Biblical
   see Bible--Antiquities
Archives, Seventh-day Adventist
   see S.D.A.  Office of Archives and Statistics
Ark, Noah's
   see Noah's Ark
Ark of the Covenant
Armageddon, Battle of
  see also Christ, the Way of Life (Picture)
Assize Publications
Association of Adventist Forums
Association of Adventist Parents for Drug-Free Youth
Association of Adventist Women
  see also Ordination of Women
Association of Seventh-Day Adventist Historians
Association of Seventh-Day Adventist Librarians (ASDAL)
Association of Seventh-day Adventist Self-Supporting Institutions
   see Adventist Laymen's Services and Industries (ASI)
Association of Western Adventist Historians
Atlanta Affirmation
Atlantic Union College
Atlantic Union Conference
   see S.D.A.  Atlantic Union Conference
   see also Questions on Doctrine (Book)
Auckland Adventist Hospital
Aurora College
   see Advent Christian Church.  Aurora College.
Australasian Division
   see S.D.A.  South Pacific Division
Australian Forum
Authority (Religion)
Avondale College

Document Files: B

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   see Business Executives' Challenge to Alumni
Babylon (Theology)
Bacchiocchi, Samuele
Bailey, Leonard
  see also Loma Linda University Medical Center--Heart Transplants
Baker, Alonzo L.
Ballenger Movement
Bangkok Adventist Hospital
Bates, Joseph
Battle Creek, Michigan
Battle Creek Academy
Battle Creek Adventist Hospital
Battle Creek College
Battle Creek Food Company
Bell, Goodloe Harper
Bible--Criticism, Interpretation, etc.
Bible. New Testament. Revelation
Bible. New Testament. Revelation 13
Bible. New Testament. Revelation 7
Bible. Old Testament. Daniel
Bible. Old Testament. Minor Prophets
Bible Conferences--1919
  see also Daily Sacrifice
           Haloviak, Bert
Bible Institute Movement
Bible Research Fellowship
Bible Sabbath Association
Biblical Archaeology
   see Bible--Antiquities
Biblical Chronology
   see Bible--Chronology
Biblical Research Institute
   see S.D.A.  Biblical Research Institute.
Bieber, David J.
Bietz, Arthur L.
Black Hills Health And Education Center
Blanco, Jack
   see Adventist Laymen's Foundation
Blue Laws
   see Sunday Legislation
Board of Higher Education
   see S.D.A.  North American Board of Higher Education.
Bolton, Frances Eugenia
Booksellers and Bookselling
Bothwell, H. Roger
Bradford, Charles E.
Branch Davidians
   see also Shepherd's Rod
            Universal Publishing Association
Branson, Roy
Branson, William Henry
Breath of Life (Television Program)
Brians, Charline (Pearl)
Brimsmead Movement
   see also Paxton, Geoffrey
Burrows, Ruth
   see Thought Messages
Business Ethics
Business Executives' Challenge to Alumni (BECA)
Butler, George Ide
Butler, Jonathan M.
Byington, John

Document Files: C

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Calendar Reform
Calexico Mission School
California Boys Choir
Camp Meetings
   see S.D.A.--Camp Meetings
Canadian University College
   see Health
Canright, Dudley Marvin
Canvasback Missions
Carmel Adventist College (Australia)
Carney, Lester
   see Evangelistic work
Celebration (Worship)
   see Worship
Chamberlain, Alice Lynne
Charismatic Experiences
   see Glossolalia
Charts, Prophetic
   see Preaching--Audio-visual Aids
Child, Lydia Maria
   see Millerite Movement--History
Christ, The Way of Life (Picture)
Christian Connexion
Christian Record Services
Christian Science
Christians In Crisis
Chronology, Biblical
   see Bible--Chronology
Church and State
Church Discipline
Church Membership
Church of God (Abrahamic Faith)
Church of God, International
Church of God (7th Day)
Church of God (7th Day, Salem, WV)
Church Officers
Church Polity
Churches. California. Arlington
Churches. California. Big Bear Lake
Churches. California. Burbank
Churches. California. Celebration Center
Churches. California. Corona
Churches. California. La Sierra Spanish
Churches. California. La Sierra University
Churches. California. Mountain View
Churches. California. University (L.L.U.)
Churches. California. White Memorial
Churches. California. Yucaipa
Churches. Maryland. Sligo (Takoma Park)
Churches. Michigan. Pioneer Memorial (Berrien Springs)
Civil Government
   see Church and State
Civil Law
Claremont Dialogue (Periodical)
Clark, Harold W.
   see Creation
Clothing And Dress
   see Caffeine
Colegio Adventist Del Plata
   see River Plate University
Colegio Linda Vista
   see Linda Vista Academy (Mexico)
College of Medical Evangelists
   see Loma Linda University--History
Collins, Alan
Colloneges (Seminaire Adventiste du Saleve)
   see Saleve Adventist Seminary
Columbia Union College
Columbia Union Conference
   see S.D.A.  Columbia Union Conference
Community Health Services. New York
Community Services
   see also Sports
Concerned Communications
Conflict Management
Consultation II
   see S.D.A.  Consultation II, Washington, D.C.
Cottrell, Raymond F.
Council On Religious Freedom
Cox, Kenneth
   see Dimenions of Prophecy
Creation Calendar Research Association
   see also Evolution
Croft, Samuel D.
Crooks, Hulda
Crozier, Owen Russel L.
   see Jesus Christ--Crucifixion

Document Files: D

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Daily Sacrifice (Daniel 8:11)
Dammon, Israel
Daniel and Revelation Committee
   see S.D.A.  Daniel and Revelation Committee
Daniells, Arthur Grosvenor
Dark Day
Darkling Range School
   see Carmel College (Australia)
Davenport, Donald J.
Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists
Davis, Marian
   see also Marian Davis Letter Book (in microfiche cabinet)
Day-Star (Periodical)
   see Church Officers
   see Church Officers
Dead Sea Scrolls
   see Bible--Antiquities
Delafield, D. Arthur
Deliverance Ministry
   see Exorcism
Demon Possession
   see Exorcism
Dimensions of Prophecy
Discipline, Church
   see Church Discipline
Doctrinal Authority
   see Authority (Religion)
Dorcas Societies
   see Community Services
Doss, Desmond T.
   see Divining-Rod
Dress Reform
   see Clothing and Dress
Drug Abuse

Document Files: E

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Eastern Africa Division
   see S.D.A.  Eastern Africa Division
Ecumenical Movement
Eden Valley Institute
Edson, Hiram
1888 Message Study Committee
Eldridge, Robert M.
Elijah, The Prophet
Ellen G. White Estate
Elmas Trading Corporation
Emmanuel Missionary College
   see Andrews University
End of the World
   see Eschatology
   see S.D.A. British Union Conference
Ephrata Community
Equal Pay for Equal Work
   see Law--Cases--Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. Pacific Press
       Sex Discrimination
Estate Planning
   see also Wills
Euro-Africa Division
   see S.D.A.  Euro-Africa Division
Evangelica (Periodical)
Evangelical Adventist Movement
   see also Evangelica (Periodical)
            Good News Unlimited
            Gospel Fellowships
Evangelical Conferences of 1955-1956
   see Questions on Doctrine (Book)
Evangelistic Work
   see also Creationism

Document Files: F

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   see Spiritual Healing
Faith For Today (Television Program)
Falling of the Stars
   see Meteors
   see also Marriage
Family Matters
Far Eastern Academy
Fernando College
   see San Fernando Academy
Fernwood Academy
   see Union Springs Academy
   see also Literature--Study and Teaching
Figuhr, Reuben R.
Final Century Research Foundation
Fireside Correspondence School
First International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
   see Nutrition
Fitch, Charles
Fletcher Hospital and Academy
Fletcher, William Warde
Florida Conference
   see S.D.A.  Florida Conference
Florida Hospital
Flood (Biblical)
   see Deluge
Folkenberg, Robert S.
Foot Washing
Ford, Desmond
   see also Good News Unlimited
            Investigative Judgment
            Prophetic Interpretation
            Sanctuary Doctrine--Controversies--Desmond Ford
Ford-Shea Debate (Fresno, May 14, 1983)
   see Investigative Judgment
Foss, Hazen Little
Foy, William Ellis
Free Seventh-day Adventists
   see Seventh-day Adventists
Freedom, Academic
   see Academic Freedom
Freedom (Theology)
Froom, Leroy Edwin
Fuller Memorial Hospital
Fulton College (Fiji)

Document Files: G

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Gale, Robert
   see Exorcism
Galusha, Elon
   see Millerite Movement
Gems of Truth
   see Brinsmead Movement
General Conference of S.D.A.
   see S.D.A.  General Conference
Georgia Cumberland Academy
Geoscience Research Institute
Gift of Tongues
   see Glossolalia
Glendale Adventist Medical Center
Global Mission
   see also Trinity
Good News Unlimited
   see also Ford, Desmond
Gospel Fellowships
   see also Evangelical Adventist Movement
Gospel Review (Periodical)
Graybill, Ronald D.
Greater New York Academy
   see also Suffering
Griggs, Frederick
Guy, Fritz

Document Files: H

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Haddad, Anees A.
Haloviak, Bert
Hanson, Deone M.
   see Omega
Harris Pine Mills
Hartland Institute
Harvest Ingathering
   see Ingathering
Haskell Home. Battle Creek, Michigan
Haskell, Stephen Nelson
Hauser, Robert W.
   see Biblical Research Institute
Hawthorne, V.B.
Haynes, Carlyle Boynton
Hazel Academy. Hazel, Kentucky
Healdsburg College
   see also Nutrition
            S.D.A.--Health and hygiene
Health Evangelism
Health Message
   see S.D.A.--Health Work
Health Studies
   see S.D.A.--Health and Hygiene
Helderberg College
Heppenstall, Edward
Heralds' Ministries
Heritage Singers (Musical Group)
Higher Education
   see S.D.A.--Education, Higher
Hill Agricultural Academy. Downs, Kansas
Himes, Joshua Vaughan
Hinsdale Hospital
Hispanic Americans
Hoehn Research Library
Holbrook Seventh-Day Adventist Indian Mission School
Holy Spirit
Home Economics
Home Study International
Hong Kong. Macao Mission
   see S.D.A.  Far Eastern Division
Horn, Siegfried H.
Hour of Prophecy (Radio Program)
Hull, Moses W.
   see S.D.A.  Hungarian Union Conference
Hutchinson Theological Seminary

Document Files: I

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   see S.D.A.  Trans-European Division
Indiana Academy
Indians of North America
   see also Wayne, Jasper
Insight (Periodical)
   see also Bible--Inspiration
Inter-American Division
   see S.D.A.  Inter-American Division
International Adventist Musician's Association
International Children's Care
International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency
International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
   see Nutrition
International Educational Recordings
International Health Institute
International Nutrition Research Foundation
International Religious Liberty Association
International Temperance Association
Investigative Judgment
   see Judgment Day
Iowa-Missouri Conference
   see S.D.A.  Iowa-Missouri Conference
Ireland (Eire)
   see S.D.A.  British Union Conference
   see also Muslims
Israelite Heritage Institute
It Is Time Productions
It Is Written (Television Program)
   see also Vandeman, George

Document Files: J

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Jaeger, Edmund Carroll
   see S.D.A.  Japan Union Conference
Japan Missionary College
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jesus Behind Bars
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ--Crucifixion
Jesus Christ--Natures
Jesus Christ--Resurrection
Jews--Conversion To Christianity
John W. Osborn Lectureship Series
Jones, Alonzo Trevier
   see also White, Ellen G.
Jones, Ernest B.
Jones, Griffith Francis
Jubilee Ministries
Judgment Day
   see also Righteousness

Document Files: K

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K.S.G.N. (Radio Station)
Kellogg, John Harvey
   see also White, Ellen G.--Kellog Crisis
Kellogg, Will Keith
Kenneth Cox Evangelistic Association
   see Dimensions of Prophecy
Kentucky-Tennessee Conference
   see S.D.A.  Kentucky-Tennessee Conference
Kettering Medical Center
Kingsway College
Knechtle, Emilio

Document Files: L

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La Sierra Academy
La Sierra University
La Vida Mission
Labor Unions
   see Trade Unions
Lacey, Herbert Camden
Lacey, Kenneth
Lake Region Conference
   see S.D.A.  Lake Region Conference
Lake Union Conference
   see S.D.A.  Lake Union Conference
La Loma Employees Credit Union
Landeen, William Martin
Larson, Ralph
   see Steps to Life
Latter Rain
   see Holy Spirit
Latter Rain Ministries
Laurelbrook Sanitarium and School
Laurelwood Academy
Law--Cases--Brenneise vs. Central California Conference
Law--Cases--Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. Pacific Press
Law--Cases--Granke vs. General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
Law--Cases--Jansen vs. Loma Linda Radiology Group
Law--Cases--Lucille Miller
Law--Cases--Paula A. Hobbie vs. State of Florida
Law--Cases--Proctor vs. General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
Law--Cases--Secretary of Labor vs. Pacific Union Conference
Law--Cases--Silver vs. Pacific Press Publishing Association
   see Law--Cases--Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. Pacific Press
Law--Cases--Womack vs. Ruppert
Law--Cases--Wyman vs. City of Gresham, Oregon
Law, Civil
   see Civil Law
Law (Theology)
Lay Ministry
Laymen for Religious Liberty
Leach, Benjamin E.
Leland Memorial Hospital
Liberty (Periodical)
Life Insurance
   see Insurance
Life Video Gospel Association
Liga International, Inc.
Lighthouse Publications
Lin, David
Linda Vista Academy (Mexico)
Listen (Periodical)
Literature--Study and Teaching
   see also Reading
Literature Evangelists and Evangelism
Living Springs Retreat
Living Temple (Book)
   see Kellogg, John Harvey
Living Waters
   see Branch Davidians
Lodi Academy
Loma Linda, California
Loma Linda Academy
Loma Linda Foods
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda University--Consolidation
Loma Linda University--Constituency Meetings
Loma Linda University--Faculty Publications
Loma Linda University--Fine Arts Festival
Loma Linda University--History
   see also Reynolds, Keld John
Loma Linda University--Unification
Loma Linda University. Center For Christian Bioethics
Loma Linda University. Graduate School
Loma Linda University. La Sierra Campus
Loma Linda University. La Sierra Campus. Library
Loma Linda University. Loma Linda Campus--Programs
Loma Linda University. Loma Linda Campus. Library
Loma Linda University. Medical Center
Loma Linda University. Medical Center--Heart Transplants
Loma Linda University. School of Dentistry
Loma Linda University. School of Education
Loma Linda University. School of Health
Loma Linda University. School of Medicine
Loma Linda University. School of Medicine. Alumni Association
Loma Linda University. School of Nursing
Loma Linda University. School of Religion
Loma Linda University Educational Research Index
Loma Linda University Medical Center
Loma Linda University Medical Center--Heart Transplants
Loma Linda University Medical Center--Heart Transplants--Baby Fae
Loma Linda University Women's Club
Longacre, Charles Smull
Longburn College (New Zealand)
Lord's Supper
Loughborough, John Norton
Lynwood Academy

Document Files: M

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Madison College
Madison Hospital
Man (Christian Theology)
Maplewood Academy
Maranatha Volunteers International
Marienhoehe Seminary
Marion Party
Mark of the Beast
   see Bible. New Testament. Revelation 13
Markham, Edwin
Maxwell, Arthur Graham
Maxwell, Arthur Stanley
McElhany, James Lamar
McKibben, Alma Estelle (Baker)
   see Animals, Clean and Unclean
Medical Cadet Corps
Medical Ministry
   see Medicine--Religious Aspects
Medical Missionary (Periodical)
Medical Missionary Evangelism
   see Medicine--Religious Aspects
Medicine--Religious Aspects
Megiddo Mission Church
Mended Hearts, Inc.
Message (Periodical)
Messenger Party
Middle East College
Middle East Union Mission
   see S.D.A.  Middle East Union Mission
Midnight Cry (Periodical)
Military Service
   see Seventh-day Adventists as Soldiers
Miller, Harry Willis
Miller, William
   see also Adventist Historic Properties, Inc.
   see Millerite Movement
Millerite Groups
   see Adventists
Millerite Movement--1843 Chart
Millerite Movement--History
Ministry, Pastoral
   see Pastoral Theology
Ministry (Periodical)
Mission America
Mission Church Builders
   see Adventist Laymen's Services and Foundations (ASI)
Mission of the Church
Mission Spotlight
Mittleider, Jacob R.
Modesto Union Academy
Montemorelos University
Monterey Bay Academy
Monument Valley Mission and Hospital
Mormons and Mormonism
Mormons and Mormonism--History--Missouri
Mormons and Mormonism--History--New York
Mount Vernon Academy
Mountain Missionary Institute
Mountain View College
Mountain View Union Academy
Moving Pictures
Musicians' Association
   see International Adventist Musicians' Association

Document Files: N

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Nagel, Sherman A.
National Association of Seventh-day Adventist Dentists (NASDAD)
National Camps for Blind Children
   see Chrisian Record Services
National Religious Liberty Association
   see Religious Liberty
Near East Institute and Archaeological Foundation
Nelson, Andrew N.
New England Memorial Hospital. Stoneham, Massachusetts
New England Youth Ensemble
New Israelite (Periodical)
Newbold College
Newbury Park Adventist Academy
Nichol, Francis David
Nix, James R.
Noah's Ark
North American Division
   see S.D.A.  North American Division
North Pacific Union Conference
   see S.D.A.  North Pacific Union Conference
Northern California Conference
   see S.D.A.  Northern California Conference
Northern European Division
   see S.D.A.  Trans-European Division
Northern New England Conference
   see S.D.A.  Northern New England Conference
Northwest Medical Foundation
Number of the Beast (666)
   see Bible. New Testament. Revelation 13
Numbers, Ronald L.
   see also Animals, Clean and Unclean

Document Files: O

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Oakwood College
Olsen, Viggo Norskov
   see also Hanson, Deone M.
            Walton, Lewis R.
Open and Shut Door
Orchard, Harry
   see Horsley, Albert E.
Ordination of Women
   see also Women
Organ Transplants
   see Loma Linda University Medical Center--Heart Transplants
Original Sin
   see Sin, Original
Orion Nebula
Osborn, John W.
   see also John W. Osborn Lectureship Series.

Document Files: P

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Pacific Adventist College
Pacific Press Publishing Association
Pacific Union College
Pacific Union Conference
   see S.D.A.  Pacific Union Conference
Pacific Union Recorder (Periodical)
Palomar Nature Club
   see Kellogg, John Harvey
       White, Ellen G.--Kellogg Crisis
   see also Bible.  New Testament.  Revelation 13
Paradise Valley Hospital
Parent Scene
   see Family Matters
Parkview Memorial Hospital. Brunswick, Maine
Pastoral Theology
Paxton, Geoffrey J.
Pease, Norval F.
Penang Adventist Hospital (Malaysia)
  see also Larson, Ralph
Pettis, Jerry and Shirley
Philippine Union College
Pierson, Robert Howard
Pilgrims' Rest Publications
Pine Springs Ranch
Pitcairn (Ship)
Pitcairn Island
   see also White, Ellen G.--Literary Indebtedness
Porter Memorial Hospital
Portland Adventist Medical Center
Preaching--Audio-visual Aids
Prescott, William Warren
Present Truth (Periodical)
Price, George McCready
Probation (Theology)
Procter, Derrick
   see Law--Cases--Proctor vs. General Conference of S.D.A.
Project Affirmation
   see Bible--Prophecies
Prophecy Countdown (Television Program)
Prophecy Speaks (Radio Program)
Prophetic Charts
   see Preaching--Audio-visual Aids
Prophetic Research International
Provonsha, Jack

Document Files: Q

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Questions on Doctrine (Book)
Quiet Hour (Radio Program)

Document Files: R

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Race Relations
Ramik Report
   see White, Ellen G.--Literary Indebtedness
Rayburn, Carole
   see Sex Discrimination
Rea, Walter
   see also White, Ellen G.--Literary Indebtedness
   see also Fiction
Reading Institute of Rehabilitation
Rebok, Denton Edward
Religion and Science
Religious Liberty
   see also International Religious Liberty Association
            Council on Religious Freedom
Remnant Church
   see Seventh-day Adventists
Republic Overseas Bank
   see Elmas Trading Corporation
   see also Inspiration
Revelation Seminars
Review and Herald Publishing Association
Review and Herald Research
Reynolds, Keld John
Rice, T. Richard
Richards, Harold Marshall Sylvester, Jr.
Richards, Harold Marshall Sylvester, Sr.
   see also Justification
Righteousness by faith
   see Justification
Risk Management Services
   see Adventist Risk Management
River Plate College
Riverside, California. La Sierra
Robinson, Dores Eugene
Roden, Benjamin
   see Branch Davidians
Roman Catholicism
   see Papacy
   see S.D.A.  Romanian Union Conference
Rosenvold, Lloyd
Ross, Delmer G.
Rowenite Movement
Rupert, Greenberry G.
   see S.D.A.  Euro-Asia Division
       Soviet Union

Document Files: S

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   see Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
   see also Sunday
Sabbath Keeping
Sabbath Schools
Sabbath School Worker (Periodical)
   see Worker, Journal of Sabbath School Action (Periodical)
Sabbath Schools
   see also S.D.A.  Sabbath School Department
Sadler, William S.
Saint Helena Hospital and Health Center
Saleve Adventist Seminary
San Diego Academy
San Fernando Academy
San Gabriel Academy
San Pasqual Academy
Sanctuary Awakening Fellowship
Sanctuary Doctrine
Sanctuary Doctrine--Controversies
   see also Brinsmead Movement
Sanctuary Doctrine--Controversies--Desmond Ford
   see also Ford, Desmond
            Good News Unlimited
            Judgment Day
Saniku Gakuin College (Japan)
Sanitarium Health Founds Company, Sydney, Australia
Scharffenberg, William A.
School Management and Organization
Science and Christian Faith
   see Creationism
       Religion and Science
Second Advent
Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
   see Adventist Review (Periodical)
Secret Rapture
   see Second Advent
Secret Societies
Self-supporting Work
   see Lay Ministry
Seminaire Adventise du Saleve
   see Saleve Adventist Seminary
Seventh-day Adventists Church Musicians' Guild
Seventh-Day Adventist Layman's Movement
Seventh-day Adventist Community Health Services--New York
   see Community Health Services--New York
Seventh-day Adventist Evangelical Conferences of 1955-1956
   see Questions on Doctrine (Book)
Seventh-day Adventist Layman's Movement
Seventh-Day Adventist Musicians' Guild
   see Seventh-day Adventist Church Musicians' Guild
Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index
Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement
Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
   see Andrews University.  Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
Seventh-day Adventist Welfare Services, Inc. (SAWS)
   see Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
Seventh-day Adventist World Services
Seventh-Day Adventists
S.D.A. Africa-Indian Ocean Division
S.D.A. Afro-Mideast Division
S.D.A. Alaska Conference
S.D.A. Atlantic Union Conference
S.D.A. Biblical Research Institute
S.D.A. British Union Conference
S.D.A. Canadian Union Conference
S.D.A. Central California Conference
S.D.A. Columbia Union Conference
S.D.A. Consultation II, Washington, D.C.
S.D.A. Daniel and Revelation Committee
S.D.A. Eastern Africa Division
S.D.A. Euro-Africa Division
S.D.A. Euro-Asia Division
S.D.A. Far Eastern Division
   see S.D.A.  Southern Asia-Pacific Division
S.D.A. Florida Conference
S.D.A. General Conference
S.D.A. General Conference. 27th. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1888
S.D.A. General Conference. 28th. Battle Creek, Michigan. 1889
S.D.A. General Conference. 34th. Battle Creek, Michigan. 1901
S.D.A. General Conference. 37th. Takoma Park, Washington, D.C. 1909
S.D.A. General Conference. 38th. Takoma Park, Washington, D.C. 1913
S.D.A. General Conference. 39th. San Francisco, California. 1918
S.D.A. General Conference. 40th. San Francisco, California. 1922
S.D.A. General Conference. 41st. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1926
S.D.A. General Conference. 42nd. San Francisco, California. 1930
S.D.A. General Conference. 44th. San Francisco, California. 1941
S.D.A. General Conference. 45th. Takoma Park, Maryland. 1946
S.D.A. General Conference. 46th. San Francisco, California. 1950
S.D.A. General Conference. 47th. San Francisco, California. 1954
S.D.A. General Conference. 48th. Cleveland, Ohio. 1958
S.D.A. General Conference. 49th. San Francisco, California. 1962
S.D.A. General Conference. 50th. Detroit, Michigan. 1966
S.D.A. General Conference. 51st. Atlantic City, New Jersey. 1970
S.D.A. General Conference. 52nd. Vienna, Austria. 1975
S.D.A. General Conference. 53rd. Dallas, Texas. 1980
S.D.A. General Conference. 54th. New Orleans, Louisiana. 1985
S.D.A. General Conference. 55th. Indianapolis, Indiana. 1990
S.D.A. General Conference. Annual Statistical Report
S.D.A. Georgia-Cumberland Conference
S.D.A. Greater New York Conference
S.D.A. Hawaii Conference
S.D.A. Health and Temperance Department
S.D.A. Hungarian Union Conference
S.D.A. Inter-American Division
S.D.A. Iowa-Missouri Conference
S.D.A. Japan Union Conference
S.D.A. Kentucky-Tennessee Conference
S.D.A. Lake Region Conference
S.D.A. Lake Union Conference
S.D.A. Lay Activities Department
S.D.A. Mid-America Union Conference
S.D.A. Ministerial Association
S.D.A. Nevada-Utah Conference
S.D.A. New York Conference
S.D.A. North American Board of Higher Education
S.D.A. North American Division
S.D.A. North Pacific Union Conference
S.D.A. Northern California Conference
S.D.A. Office of Archives And Statistics
S.D.A. Office of Human Relations
S.D.A. Pacific Union Conference
S.D.A. Pacific Union Conference. Department of Education
S.D.A. President's Review Commission
S.D.A. Publishing Department
S.D.A. Radio and Television Department
S.D.A. Romanian Union Conference
S.D.A. Sabbath School Department
S.D.A. South American Division
S.D.A. South Pacific Division
S.D.A. Southeastern California Conference
S.D.A. Southeastern California Conference--Constituency Meetings
S.D.A. Southern Africa Union Conference
S.D.A. Southern Asia Division
S.D.A. Southern Asia-Pacific Division
S.D.A. Southern California Conference
S.D.A. Southern Union Conference
S.D.A. Southwestern Union Conference
S.D.A. Temperance Department
   see S.D.A.  Health and Temperance Department
S.D.A. Texico Conference
S.D.A. Trans-European Division
S.D.A. Youth Department
S.D.A.--Controversial Literature
   see also Project Affirmation
S.D.A.--Education, Higher
S.D.A.--Health and Hygiene
S.D.A.--Health Work
S.D.A.--History--Tour Guides
S.D.A.--Medical Work
S.D.A.--Publishing Work
S.D.A.--Retired Workers
   see also S.D.A.  General Conference.  Annual Statistical Report
   see also Project Affirmation
Seventh-Day Adventists as Soldiers
Seventh-day Baptists
Seventh Month Movement
   see also Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
            Venereal Diseases
Sex Discrimination
   see also Law--Cases--Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. Pacific Press
Shaking Time
Shawnee Mission Medical Center
Shepherdess International
Shepherd's Rod
   see also Branch Davidians
            Universal Publishing Association
Shut Door Controversy
   see Open and Shut Door
Signs Of The Times (Periodical)
Silver, Merikay
   see Law--Cases--Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. Pacific Press
Sin, Original
   see also Larson, Ralph
Single People
Singles In Action
Skadsheim, Henry
Smith, Annie Rebekah
Smith, Uriah
Smoot, Joseph G.
Solusi College
Sonora Community Hospital
South Africa
   see S.D.A.  Southern Africa Union Conference
South American Division
   see S.D.A.  South American Division
South Pacific Division
   see S.D.A.  South Pacific Division
Southeastern California Conference
   see S.D.A.  Southeastern California Conference
Southern Adventist University
Southern Asia Division
   see S.D.A.  Southern Asia Division
Southern College
   see Southern Adventist University
Southern Publishing Association
Southern Union Conference
   see S.D.A.  Southern Union Conference
Southwestern Adventist College
Southwestern Union Conference
   see S.D.A.  Southwestern Union Conference
Soviet Union
   see also S.D.A.  Euro-Asia Division
Spear, B.R.
   see Prophecy Speaks (Radio Program)
Spectrum (Periodical)
Spicer, William Ambrose
Spicer College
Spirit of Prophecy
   see White, Ellen Gould (Harmon)
Spirit of Prophecy Day
Spiritual Healing
Stars, Falling of
   see Meteors
Steps to Life (Television Program)
Stewardship, Christian
   see also Tithe
Stone, De Forest S.
Strode Industrial Academy. Oswego, Kansas
Student Missionaries
   see Adventist Youth Volunteer Service Corps
Sunday Legislation
Sydney Adventist Hospital
   see Australia
Sydney University Seventh-day Adventist Students' Society (SUSDASS)
   see Australia

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Taiwan Mission
   see S.D.A.  Far Eastern Division
Takoma Academy
Teel, Charles Jr.
   see also American Temperance Society
            International Temperance Association
            S.D.A.  Health and Temperance Department
Ten Commandments
Texas Conference
   see S.D.A.  Texas Conference
Theological Freedom and Accountability
   see Freedom (Theology)
Thought Messages
Three Angels Broadcasting Network
Three Angels' Messages
   see also Alexander, Horace
Time Management
Todd, John
   see Witchcraft
Tokyo Sanitarium and Hospital
Tongues, Gift of
   see Glossolalia
Trade and Professional Associations
Trade Unions
Trans-Africa Division
   see S.D.A.  Trans-Africa Division
Transplantation of Organs, Tissues, Etc.
   see also Loma Linda University.  Medical Center--Heart Transplants
True Medical Missionary Association
   see also Brinsmead Movement
Trusts And Trustees
   see also Davenport, Donald J.
Tucker, Julius Layfayette
   see also Quiet Hour (Radio Program)
Turner, Joseph
2300 Days (Prophecy)

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   see Soviet Union
Union College
Union Springs Academy
United Sabbath Day Adventists
   see Adventists
United States--History--Civil War
Universal Publishing Association (Bashan Hill)
Universal Publishing Association (Mount Carmel Center)
   see also Branch Davidians
            Shepherd's Rod
Universal Publishing Association of Southern California
University of Eastern Africa

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   see Project Affirmation
Van Rooyen, Smuts
   see Andrews University
       Good News Unlimited
Vandeman, George E.
   see also It Is Written (Television Program)
Vatican City--Foreign Relations--United States
Vegetarian Cookery
Venden, Morris
Venereal Diseases
   see also Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Verdict (Periodical)
   see Brinsmead Movement
Vincent Hill School (India)
Voice of Hope (Radio Program)
Voice of Prophecy (Radio Program)
Voice of Youth
Voz de la Esperanza (Radio Program)

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Waggoner, Ellet J.
Wake Up America Seminars
Walla Walla College
Walla Walla General Hospital
Walsh, Mary E.
Walton, Lewis R.
Washington Adventist Hospital
Wayne, Jasper
Wedding Ring
   see Jewelry
Weimar Institute
Were, Louis F.
Werner, D.G.
   see S.D.A.  Greater New York Conference
West Caribbean Training School
Whitaker, Rolfe
   see Preaching--Audio-visual Aids
White, Arthur Lacey
White, Ellen Gould (Harmon)
White, Ellen Gould--Biography
White, Ellen Gould--Camden Vision
White, Ellen Gould--Chronology
White, Ellen Gould--Correspondence
White, Ellen Gould--Criticism And Interpretation
   see also Rea, Walter
            Ford, Desmond
White, Ellen Gould--Diet
White, Ellen Gould--Doctrinal Authority
White, Ellen Gould--Dowsing
   see Divining Rod
White, Ellen Gould--Elmshaven
   see Elmshaven
White, Ellen Gould--Epilepsy
   see White, Ellen Gould--Personal Health
White, Ellen Gould--Ethnic Background
   see White, Ellen Gould--Biography
White, Ellen Gould--Family Tree
   see White, Ellen Gould--Biography
White, Ellen Gould--Health
White, Ellen Gould--Historiography
White, Ellen Gould--Inspiration
White, Ellen Gould--Kellogg Crisis
White, Ellen Gould--Literary Assistants
   see also Bolton, Frances
            Davies, Marian
            White, Ellen Gould--Criticism and Interpretation
            White, Ellen Gould--Literary Indebtedness
            White, Ellen Gould--Writings
White, Ellen Gould--Literary Indebtedness
   see also Plagiarism
White, Ellen Gould--Medical Science
White, Ellen Gould--Miscellaneous Testimonies
White, Ellen Gould--Personal Health
White, Ellen Gould--Personal Library
White, Ellen Gould--Righteousness by Faith
White, Ellen Gould--Salamanca Vision
White, Ellen Gould--Shut Door Controversy
   see Open and Shut Door
White, Ellen Gould--Theology
   see also Bible.  New Testament.  Galatians
White, Ellen Gould--Visions
   see also White, Ellen Gould--Camden Vision
            White, Ellen Gould--Salamanca Vision
White, Ellen Gould--Writings
White, Ellen Gould. Desire of Ages
White, Ellen Gould. Great Controversy
White, Ellen Gould. Testimonies for the Church
White, Herbert Clarence
White, James Edson
White, James Springer
White, Julius Gilbert
   see also Papacy
White, William Clarence
White Memorial Medical Center
   see Suffering
Wieland, Robert J.
Wildwood Sanitarium
  see also Estate Planning
Wilson, Neal C.
Wine--Biblical Teaching
Witness Bearing
Wolfe, Chet
   see Jubilee Ministries
   see also Association of Adventist Women
            Ordination of women
Woods, Norman James
Worker, Journal For Sabbath School Action (Periodical)
Workers For God, Inc.
World Medics, Inc.
Worldwide Church of God
Worldwide Church of God--Ambassador Report
Worldwide Church of God--Letters
Worldwide Church of God--Publications
Worldwide Church of God--Publicity
   see also Reverence
Worthington Foods
Wright, Frederic T.

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Xaris Gospel Fellowship
   see Gospel Fellowships

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Your Story Hour (Radio Program)
Youth Congresses
Youth, S.D.A.
   see S.D.A.--Youth
Youth Evangelism
   see Voice of Youth
Youth's Instructor (Periodical)
Yuchi Pines Institute

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