Richard Christian Nies Endowed Scholarship

Richard Christian Nies was a Christian psychologist and devoted family man who integrated the fields of psychology and theology in a practical way. He attended La Sierra Academy and College, where he fell in love with Barbara Jane Martin. He spoke often of her in his lectures and classes and did not accept a lecture engagement unless she could accompany him. Richard completed a master’s degree in biblical languages at Andrews University in 1952, a doctorate in experimental psychology at UCLA in 1964 and a post-doctoral diploma there two years later. Dr. Nies taught at UCLA, Glendale and East L.A. colleges, and Loma Linda University. He also served as associate chaplain of Glendale Adventist Hospital, the California Department of Mental Hygiene, and 17 years in private practice. He consistently planned time with his daughter and son, and their friends were always welcome in the home. This endowment is to assist undergraduate psychology majors in careers that integrate theology and psychology.  

 Schmidt Family Scholarship

This fund is established as a tribute to Reynold and Elvira Ana Weiss Schmidt, mother and father of Adeny Schmidt Sutter and Kelly Collins. They were lifelong and passionate supporters of education. Elvira taught for 21 years in schools in South America. In addition, she fostered other forms of education: tutoring students, launching the first Pathfinder club in Argentina and starting summer camps and Sabbath schools. She and her husband Reynold sponsored the education of dozens of students in Adventist schools. This scholarship commemorates their leadership and dedication to helping others obtain an excellent Christian education and is an expression of their desire to assist students toward the achievement of their academic goals and preparation for humanitarian service.


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