Graduate Religion Scholarship

The founders of this scholarship wished to support the School of Religion at La Sierra University and foster an educated pastoral workforce. The founders want to assist graduate students who might not otherwise be able to have a La Sierra University education that will help them more effectively communicate God’s grace and nurture spiritual life and growth in faith in Seventh-day Adventist congregations. 

Edward Heppenstall Endowed Scholarship

Born in Rotheram, Yorkshire, England, Edward Heppenstall came to the United States to study. He earned his doctorate of philosophy from the University of Southern California and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Dr. Heppenstall came to La Sierra College in1940 and became a religion professor and chair of the Religion department and La Sierra University Church pastor. He also chaired the Systematic Theology department at the Theological Seminary (now Andrews University), then taught at Loma Linda University until his retirement. His preaching, teaching and writing influence spanned the globe, having taught in colleges and universities on every continent. This endowment has been established to benefit students in the School of Religion at La Sierra University. The Class of 1955 chose to add funds to this scholarship as part of their 50th anniversary gift to the University.  

Edward and Mona Ho Endowed Scholarship

Edward Ho was born in Canton, China, and Mona Chan Ho in Hong Kong. After spending their early days in Hong Kong, they went to Australia where Edward received his B.S. in Theology and Mona her nursing degree from Avondale College. They later married and traveled to Berrien Springs, Michigan where he received his Ed.D. in Educational and Psychology and Counseling. Edward then accepted an invitation to pastor the Loma Linda Seventh-day Adventist Chinese Church, where they served with distinction. The young adults of their Church have established this endowed scholarship to assist students of Asian descent at La Sierra University School of Religion to enter pastoral ministry in Asian communities.

Helma Christina Magnussen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the matured trust of Verna M. Shryock, to honor the memory of her mother, Helma Christina Magnussen. This fund is intended to provide scholarships to worthy students in the College of Arts and Sciences, particularly those studying to work in the gospel ministry or as Bible workers.

V. Nørskov Olsen Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Olsen was born into a devout Lutheran home in Copenhagen, Denmark. However, he was soon the youngest Seventh-day Adventist minister in Europe. After World War II, Nørskov earned his bachelor of divinity degree from Andrews University where he married Anita Lippi, a pianist at the Chicago Music Conservatory. He later taught at his Danish alma mater and Newbold College; received his Ph.D. from the University of London; and earned a second Ph.D. from the University of Basel in Bern, Switzerland, where he studied with well-known theologians Karl Barth and Oscar Cullman. He taught in Loma Linda University’s Religion department, became dean of the college and provost of the La Sierra campus, and in 1974 was elected president of Loma Linda University. Dr. Olsen believed education is more than a means to a vocation. It is the development of purpose while one studies. Funds from this endowment benefit education or religion majors preparing to teach Bible.

Harold Richards, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was established by the members of the La Sierra University Class of 1952 as a tribute to their classmate, Harold M.S. Richards, Jr. After graduating from Glendale Academy, Harold attended La Sierra College, graduating in 1952 with a degree in theology. He and Mary Margaret Gullet were married a year earlier, at the La Sierra College Church. His classmates remember him as full of life, dedicated to ministry and an active participant in a wide variety of activities, especially music. Through his long and fruitful preaching career, Harold’s greatest thrill was to just be God’s man and preach His Word faithfully. In honor of their friend who empowered people all his life, his classmates’ desire is to empower current students studying in the H.M.S. Richards Divinity School. 

Royal Sage Memorial Scholarship

Royal Sage always wanted to be an Adventist minister. Born in New York, but reared in Hawaii, he was a member of the first senior class to graduate from La Sierra College in 1945. He married Nancy Reeder on graduation day and soon discovered that in those days there was a rigid path to the pulpit, with the first step being tent-master at evangelistic meetings (on his first job it rained every day for seven weeks). Royal worked in the New Jersey Conference for over nine years, spent two years at the seminary at Andrews University, then taught Greek and Hebrew throughout his remaining career at La Sierra. Because of multiple sclerosis, he eventually taught from a wheelchair until he retired in 1971, when he became bedridden until his death in 1982. Bo Ying Wat, academy friend, wedding groomsman and student newspaper Criterion co-editor, honored Royal by founding this endowed scholarship. Initial funds donated to establish the Royal Sage Memorial Scholarship were matched by a generous challenge grant from the McKee Foundation. Income from this endowment provides scholarship assistance to students in the School of Religion and the Royal Sage Writing Award through the English department. 

Elder James White Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Milo and Patricia Loye have endowed the Elder James White Scholarship for Ministry. This scholarship memorializes the selfless dedication of Elder James White, one of the early leaders and founders of Seventh-day Adventist church. The Loyes felt that more scholarships should be made available for students in the Religion department. The recipients, either male or female, shall have sterling character and be preparing for the gospel ministry. The proceeds of this scholarship shall be applied towards tuition expenses. 

Women in Ministry

This scholarship was established to provide assistance for female students at the undergraduate or graduate level who are in or preparing for Seventh-day Adventist ministry. 

William and Hilda Block Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Milo and Patricia Loye in memory of the parents of Patricia Loye. Both William and Hilda Block were dedicated and loyal Seventh-day Adventists and modeled service in both their local congregation and community. William Block was a successful hospital administrator whose ethical values and religious beliefs permeated his professional career and contributed to his influence. This scholarship is established to continue the legacy of their support for Christian education. The scholarship will assist worthy students to obtain an education in Business at La Sierra University, where Seventh-day Adventist values make a difference in both the educational experience and the future professional careers. 

George and Barbara Clement Memorial Scholarship

Lawrence J. Clement and Marjorie La Ferriere, the children of George A. and Barbara Clement, established this scholarship as a tribute to their parents. Barbara, George and Larry Clement all studied at La Sierra University. Barbara was a student in the pre-professional programs and both George and Larry graduated with business degrees in 1936 and 1963, respectively. One of the factors in their later success was the quality of their educational experience at La Sierra University. Thus, the scholarship supports full-time students with financial need who are majoring in the School of Business. 

The Edward A. DeLaurier Students In Free Enterprise Fund

Bud DeLaurier has always been interested in entrepreneurialism. At age six he formed his first business enterprise, shooting carp off the bow of a skiff in Wonder Lake, Illinois with his bow and arrow, and selling the catch for 35 cents to neighbors to use for fertilizer. Living in the Chicago area, he was self-supporting by age 17, but did not have the means to attend college. He worked in banking initially, but through a job with the Assessor’s Office, he developed a skill in the real estate appraisal field. In business for himself by his mid-20s, Bud built a reputation through his commercial and residential appraisal companies and went back to college, securing an MAI, the highest designation in the profession. He has served as a mentor and counselor for many young people entering the field and has always been willing to share his beliefs about the joy of business ownership. This fund has been established by his business partner and will support activities and project expenses for SIFE. 

Lois McKee Endowed Scholarship

Lois McKee was born into a recently converted Seventh-day Adventist family, whose father built a schoolhouse where his children and others could be taught SDA principles. Early in life Lois decided she would be a secretary. She worked her entire way through academy, then college, earning a baccalaureate degree after her father died. During her senior year she was secretary to the business administrator. Then as dean of women at La Sierra, Lois continued her more than 40 years of service to Adventist education. She taught at Hawaiian Mission Academy and Union College. After receiving her doctorate at the University of Nebraska, she completed her career in the Office Management department at La Sierra, serving for ten years as department chair. Her brother, O.D. McKee, established this endowment in her honor to help students continue God’s work “in and outside of our denominational system.”

I.G. and Emma Ortner Endowed Scholarship

When I.G. and Emma Ortner sold their Quiet Lane home in 1961, their daughter, Irene Ortner, a faculty member of La Sierra, and one of her colleagues suggested they consider donating the proceeds for student scholarships at La Sierra College. I.G. Ortner and his daughter had dedicated their entire careers to Adventist denominational work as a treasurer and auditor, and as secretary and teacher, respectively. The capital from the rental and later sale of their home has been invested. The proceeds are awarded to deserving office management students. 

SBM International Student Book Scholarship Fund

This fund is established to assist international students attending the School of Business at La Sierra University in purchasing books. Duleep Rodrigo, an alumnus who knows from firsthand experience the difficulties international students face in financing college education, has founded the fund. 

  •  Annual Scholarships

School of Business and Management Scholarship

The School of Business and Management Endowed Scholarship was initiated by a matching challenge from an alumni couple, Tom and Vi Zapara, who strongly believe in La Sierra University and Christian education. They have dedicated much of their lives to helping advance the work of the Seventh-day Adventist church with scholarship support for students, recognition awards for faculty, funding new initiatives and ideas and much more at La Sierra and far beyond. Recipients of this scholarship will have a major within the School of Business and Management. 

Paul and Lillie Shogi Golden Rule Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Shogi created this scholarship to encourage students to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Sophomore through senior students who wish to receive this award must have demonstrated the “Golden Rule” within their personal lives and been active in University and community service projects. 

 Jenny Phek Sim Teoh Endowed Scholarship

Jenny Phek Sim Teoh’s short and unselfish life demonstrated academic and personal excellence. Born in Malaysian in 1949, she spent her high school years at the Covenant of the Holy Infant Jesus in Penang, after which she worked for a few years before coming to Loma Linda University. Jenny graduated in 1979 and accepted a position at Adventist Health Systems West. Jenny’s accomplishments included passing all five parts of her accountancy exams on the first attempt, and often preparing the tax returns of friends and senior citizens, for which she asked only friendship in return. On December 27, 1986, Jenny was killed in an automobile collision involving a drunk driver. Because she was unable to establish an endowment as planned in her father’s memory, her surviving family created this fund in her memory to assist students at La Sierra University. 

Derrill E. Yaeger Memorial Scholarship

His widow, Francee Yaeger, daughter Neddi Yaeger, daughter-in-law Andrea Yaeger, and their children, along with many friends and colleagues who worked with and loved Derrill Yaeger, established the Derrill E. Yaeger Memorial Scholarship.

An alumnus from the Class of 1950, Yaeger was instrumental in advising the university with its endowment initiative, which from 1990 to 2005 turned an unused land asset into a $50 million endowment, securing the future of La Sierra University for generations to come. The university’s new entrance, “Yaeger Way”, is named in his honor.

Yaeger was a well-respected philanthropist and loyal alumnus, contributing yearly to his alma mater’s annual fund for nearly sixty years! He, along with several of his classmates, encouraged members of their class to establish the Class of 1950 Scholarship Endowment, which today is the largest class sponsored university endowment.

A graduate of the University of Southern California Law School, Yaeger practiced business and real estate law and was a principal shareholder with the Corona firm of Clayson, Mann, Yaeger & Hansen for 45 years. He was an expert in land use law and a leader in Inland Empire real estate development. Derrill represented a diverse clientele in the course of his career, ranging from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, La Sierra University and Loma Linda University to 3M Corporation, the Bren Company, and entertainer Desi Arnaz. He was known for his careful and comprehensive preparation, often beginning his workday at 4:00 a.m.

Derrill was an avid golfer. He was a long-time member of the Victoria Club in Riverside, serving as Club President in 1994-1995. He was especially proud that son Kurt Yaeger was also the Victoria Club President for 2005-2006, a rare father-son honor. Derrill quietly but effectively worked to open the ethnic and religious diversity of the Club.

Francee was Derrill’s true partner for life. Their devotion to each other and their children and grandchildren was a shining example of placing family first and seeking balance in one’s personal and professional life. The highlight of his week was catching up with everyone during regular Sunday night family dinners.


La Sierra University also offers other institutional and privately donated scholarships to students. These funds usually do not need to be repaid and are based on your academic performance. Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more and take advantage!