The Office of Risk Management staff is committed to providing a safe learning, working, and living environment for all faculty, staff, and students on our campus.

The history of California is filled with examples of disasters, some natural and some man made.  However, we realize that fire, earthquakes, or other natural disasters are very possible in our region and we are committed to developing and updating our emergency plan as the campus grows.  

It is our hope that this site can provide you with some safety information that will be of help in the prevention of problems as well as planning for possible emergencies.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Risk Management if you have any concerns or need more information.

Printable Forms

Many of these forms can be filled out directly on your computer, eliminating the need to scan the document back into the computer in order to send it. However, if your form needs to be printed, you may use the free Adobe Acrobat software/web browser plug-in. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed: Download and Install PDF Reader

AccidentInvestigation/Incident ReportAccident Investigation Report
Accounting FormsCheck Request
Expense Report
Activity/Trip FormsAccident Insurance Application (only for those traveling with students)
Authorization To Use Privately Owned Vehicles on University business
Check Request
Construction, Remodeling, and Renovation
Driver Authorization
Driver's Questionnaire (fill out once annually)
Golf Cart Driver Agreement
Group List Upload
International Insurance Form (only for those traveling with students)
Medical Treatment Authorization
Proposal for Off Campus Study Tours
Travel Authorization Application
Travel Authorization Application Guideline
Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement (per activity)
Event Planning: Risk Information FormsArticle 25 - Places of Assembly
Certificate of Insurance: Request Visiting Clients
Event Permit Application
Food Handling Guidelines
Event Insurance CoverageThis document is for use by third parties requesting use of La Sierra University property for specific events. It protects both the facility user and the institution against claims by the third party who may be injured as a result of participating in an event.
Fire Incident Report Fire Alarm Incident Report
Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Emergency Notification System and Procedures
Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Guide
La Sierra Campus Fire Safety Annual Compliance Report
Evacuation Drill Response
Fire WatchFire Watch Requirements
Hazardous Materials DocumentsHazardous Waste Removal Request
Hazard Report Hazard Report
Injury and Illness ReportInjury and Illness Incident Report
Inspection Forms Art VAC Inspection Report
Biology PSC Inspection Report
Chemistry PH Inspection Report
Physical Plant Inspection Report
Physics SFH Inspection Report
Quarterly Building Inspection Report (PDF)
Weekly Inspection Checklist Physical Plant
Weekly Inspection Checklist Visual Arts Center
Insurance FormsAccident Insurance Application (only for those traveling with students)
International Insurance Form (only for those traveling with students)
Travel Authorization Application
Miscellaneous Forms Auto Accident Report
Golf Cart Driver Agreement
Golf Cart Access Paths
SR-1 Form
Motorpool DocumentsMotor Vehicle Records Check - Driver's Questionnaire (fill out once annually)
Safety Service and Inspection
Vehicle Use Authorization Request
Policy Vehicle Use Policy
Golf Cart Safety Policy & Procedure
Safety - Right to know Hazard Communication Program
Safety Building Coordinators Information Room Information Labels
Videotaping Videotaping Waiver Release
Worker's CompensationForm 5020 (Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness)
Workers Compensation Claim DWC1