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You will be better prepared for any number of careers with the added advantage of a world language skill. More than 80 federal agencies currently have foreign language requirements. And a survey of 1,200 companies in the U.S. found that more than 60,000 jobs require an employee to have knowledge of a second language.

Among those career fields where second language skills enhance opportunities:

Education:Teaching, missionary work, and English as a second language instruction.
Business:Import and export, automotive, international law, banking and finance, fashion, journalism.
Government Services:Peace Corps, diplomacy, intelligence, immigration, aid and United Nations agency work.
Humanities and Arts:Writing, singing, art history, critical review, and linguistics.
Sciences:Technical translation, research, medicine, anthropology, and archaeology.
Travel Services:Airlines, hotel and restaurant work, tour direction, and foreign travel advising.

Benefits of Language Study

In our increasingly connected world, the study of languages is more important than ever. A La Sierra University degree in world languages can lead to a rewarding career and a worldwide network of friends and colleagues. The analytical and critical thinking skills you will gain in the program will introduce you to new ideas and fresh ways of thinking and communicating. You’ll be ready for a life of travel and study, learning and discovery. You’ll be on a journey that will lead to understanding of cultures, with skills to serve and transform the world.

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