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The La Sierra Advantage

You will be better prepared for any number of careers with the added advantage of a world language skill. More than 80 federal agencies currently have foreign language requirements. And a survey of 1,200 companies in the U.S. found that more than 60,000 jobs require an employee to have knowledge of a second language.

Among those career fields where second language skills enhance opportunities:

Education:Teaching, missionary work, and English as a second language instruction.
Business:Import and export, automotive, international law, banking and finance, fashion, journalism.
Government Services:Peace Corps, diplomacy, intelligence, immigration, aid and United Nations agency work.
Humanities and Arts:Writing, singing, art history, critical review, and linguistics.
Sciences:Technical translation, research, medicine, anthropology, and archaeology.
Travel Services:Airlines, hotel and restaurant work, tour direction, and foreign travel advising.

Benefits of Language Study

In our increasingly connected world, the study of languages is more important than ever. A La Sierra University degree in world languages can lead to a rewarding career and a worldwide network of friends and colleagues. The analytical and critical thinking skills you will gain in the program will introduce you to new ideas and fresh ways of thinking and communicating. You’ll be ready for a life of travel and study, learning and discovery. You’ll be on a journey that will lead to understanding of cultures, with skills to serve and transform the world.

We offer the following:

Bachelor Of Arts


World Languages Undergraduate Program

Spanish Bachelor of Arts

The Spanish major is offered jointly through La Sierra University and the Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) schools in
Argentina and Spain. Students wishing to declare the Spanish major must take the Spanish Placement Test administered by the Department of World Languages. The year abroad is required for all majors, except those who can give evidence of having completed secondary school studies in their native Spanish-speaking country.

Fast Facts world languages program

Average completion time4 Years
Program Units52

Professional Associations

The La Sierra University Department of World Languages offers you the chance to participate in Alpha Mu Gamma, the national foreign language honor society, and Lingua Domus, a foreign language learning community.

Studying abroad opened up a new life path for me. It was amazing to experience god speaking to my heart from other parts of the earth, in other languages.

Apryl Gibson, Honors Spanish Major 2006 and Peace Corps Volunteer, Bulgaria 2006 – 2009.

Study Abroad

In addition to on-campus coursework, you can choose to study abroad for a year. You can learn Spanish in Argentina or Spain, French in France, Italian in Italy, German in Austria or Germany, and Portuguese in Brazil. You can also participate in summer programs in Austria, Brazil, England, France, Hong Kong (Chinese), Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and the Ukraine. Information about the overseas study programs is available from the on-campus Adventist Colleges Abroad director, who can also help with the application process. Orientation sessions are held during the year to help acquaint you with opportunities.

Meet our Faculty

Lourdes E. Morales-Gudmundsson
Lourdes E. Morales-Gudmundsson
Esther Saguar Sierra
Esther Saguar Sierra
Myrtha E. Rhys Pizarro
Myrtha E. Rhys Pizarro
Lorena Gutierrez-Cortes
Lorena Gutierrez-Cortes
Yoshimitsu Mineyama
Yoshimitsu Mineyama
Janan Naeem Amen
Janan Naeem Amen
Juan Velez
Juan Velez
D. Lehong Phan
D. Lehong Phan
Hogla Barcelo
Hogla Barcelo
Claire K. Liu
Claire K. Liu

Paying for College

The Student Financial Services office is here to help with financial aid processes. The staff also keeps up to date on scholarships that could benefit La Sierra students.

Choosing Classes

First-year students meet with their academic coach/advisor each week for their first two quarters. Then they are assigned an advisor from their major department who will help them choose the classes they need to complete their program.

Beyond Class

A lot of learning takes place outside of the classroom. The Division of Student Life is headquarters for student government, activities, organizations, spiritual life, and much more to enhance your college experience.

Career Center

We want you to find a good job after you finish your degree at La Sierra. A new Career Center, located in the Zapara School of Business, is expected to open before the end of fall quarter.

University Studies

All undergraduate students at La Sierra University participate in a comprehensive general education curriculum called University Studies, which is rooted in the concept of liberal education as a formative and transformative process. University Studies offers an integrated curriculum that:

  • stimulates the meaning-centered development of its students.
  • familiarizes students with the various academic disciplines.
  • exposes students to intercultural, international and inter-ethnic concerns.
  • encourages students to recognize the importance of developing a personal value system to distinguish between right and wrong.

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