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Advancement Office

Endowment Levels

Endowments at $250,000 or above

Chan Shun Educational Fund

Yin Fong Chan Scholarship

Class of 1950 Scholarship

James A. and Delpha Marchus Crane Scholarship

Bashir Hasso Chair

Margarete L. and D. Glenn Hilts Scholarship

Atanas and Sasha Alexandra Katchamakoff Scholarship

Marie Barber Marchus Scholarship

Harry Schrillo Scholarship


Endowments at $100,000 – $250,000

Backus American Freedoms Endowment

Frances L. and E. Jane Brown Music Library Endowment

Grace Hansen Buell Music Scholarship

Cafferky String Scholarship

E. Strauss and Edna Cubley School of Business Endowment

Lester H. Cushman Endowed Scholarship

Drayson Student Life Endowment

Genevieve M. Gaio Social Justice and Human Rights Scholarship

Thomas S. Geraty Chair in Ministry

Luther P. and Pearl C. Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Willard J. and Irene Humpal Scholarship

Dennis Krieger Memorial Endowed Fund

Floyd G. Wood and George H. Mayr Foundation Scholarship

Judson Family Scholarship

Thomas A. and Helen Little Scholarship

Dick and Ardyce Koobs Chamber Music Endowment

Lois McKee Scholarship

Yacoub and Ellen Nashed Scholarship

Fred and Evelyn Nethercott Johnsen Scholarship

Wanda A. Price Memorial Scholarship

Lynn Sarkisian Scholarship

Stahl Center Scholarship and Research Assistantships Endowment

Elder James White Scholarship for Ministry


Endowments at $50,000 - $100,000

Brandstater Gallery Endowment

James Barnard Library Endowment

Clarence Jesse and Marie Buhalts Boyd Scholarship

Mabel Earp-Cason Scholarship

Virginia Richards Cason Endowment

Class of 1960 Scholarship

George and Barbara Clement Memorial Scholarship

Florence Elizabeth and Paul Freeman Fober Memorial

Student Aid Fund

Marcia Specht Guy Memorial Prize

Richard G. Guy Memorial Scholarship

Anees A. Haddad Scholarship

Nellie Nehme Haddad Memorial Scholarship

Hamerslough Family Scholarship

Frederick G. Hoyt Scholarship

Edmund C. Jaeger Biology Book Award

Edmund C. Jaeger Biology Scholarship

Edmund C. Jaeger Biology Library Endowment

Maybel Jensen Memorial Scholarship

Clarence and Ellen Judd-Peterson Scholarship

Lam Family Scholarship

Lillian Phang Lee Scholarship

Robert Lorenz Memorial Scholarship

Milo and Patricia Loye Organ Scholarship

Richard Christian Nies Scholarship

Lavina Northrup Scholarship

Anita Nørskov Olsen Scholarship

V. Nørskov Olsen Scholarship

Raymond Rykman Honoraria Endowment


Endowments at $25,000 - $50,000

Wilfred J. Airey History Chair Endowed Fund

William and Hilda Block Scholarship

School of Business Scholarship

Class of 1945 Outreach Evangelism

Class of 1951 Scholarship

Class of 1961 Scholarship

James Cooley Memorial Scholarship

Davis Family Scholarship

Barbara A. Favorito Wind and Percussion Studies Scholarship

Friends of the La Sierra University Library Endowment

Lawrence T. Geraty Distinguished Speaker Series

Joseph and Tillie Giardina Student Mission Fund

Graduate Religion Scholarship

Edward Heppenstall Scholarship

History Special Purpose Scholarship

Edward and Mona Ho Scholarship

Frank W. and Beverly Jobe Scholarship

The Jorgensen Family Scholarship

Kleinert-Rasmussen Scholarship

Tommy F. Kofoed Scholarship

Landeen-Airey-Hilde History Scholarship

La Sierra University Golf Tournament Scholarship

Edna Maye Loveless Drama Scholarship

Neff-Lewis Scholarship

Royal Sage Memorial Scholarship

Harold Richards, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Reynold & Elvira Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

George True Simpson Scholarship

Steinway Piano Endowment

Emanuel E. and Jane Breese Trefz Scholarship

Alfred Walters Scholarship

Robert L. Wheatley Memorial Scholarship

Paul and Evelyn Wickman Scholarship

Women in Ministry Scholarship

Vogel Scholarship


Endowments at $10,000 - $25,000

Anderson Book Fund

Dortha G. Airey Scholarship

Hilmer Besel Math and Computing Scholarship

Herbert Blomstedt Scholarship

Brunie Library Endowment

John and Elsie Chan Scholarship

Class of 1953 Scholarship

Class of 1962 Scholarship

Class of 1994 Scholarship

Dorothy Minchen Comm Distinguished Speaker

Paul S. Damazo Scholarship

Damazo SIFE Special Projects Endowment

Edward A. Delaurier Students In Free Enterprise Fund

Dennis-Roehr Scholarship

Hazel Mae Ellen McVicker Geraty Memorial Scholarship

Leonard Alvin Gregory Scholarship

The Mary Elizabeth Dyer Gwynn Scholarship Fund

Edward C Heppenstall Chair

John T. Hamilton Scholarship

Anees A Haddad Faculty Award for Excellence In Faculty Governance at LSU

Hillock Business Library Fund

P.L. Howe Student Mission Scholarship

Frederick G. Hoyt Writing Award

Cecil H. and Carol Jones Memorial Scholarship

Robert and Virginia Kleinert Scholarship

Iris M. Landa Excellence in Advising Award

Paul J. Landa Lectureship Endowment Fund

Helma Christina Magnussen Memorial Scholarship

Clinton H. and Shirley Mitchell Scholarship

Carmen and Rafael C. Morales Spanish Language Scholarship

I.G. and Emma Ortner Scholarship

Physics Department Scholarship

Rasmussen Family Fund

Margaret Ellen Rickard Scholarship

Elmer G. Ross Latin American Studies Scholarship

Paul and Lillie Shoghi Golden Rule Scholarship

Tracy Teele Memorial Scholarship

Jenny Phek Sim Teoh Scholarship

Howard D. Welty Loyal Son and Daughter Scholarships

Ivan and Erma Williams Scholarship

Roy and Gladys Williams Scholarship

Floyd G. Wood Scholarship

Derrill E. Yaeger Memorial Scholarship

Won K. and Choon Ja Yoon Scholarship


Endowments Activated at less then $10,000 (or not yet activated)

David Henry Burkhart Scholarship

Carribean SOUP

Viktor and Vera Christensen Scholarship

Class of 1994 Scholarship

College of Arts and Sciences Endowment

Harold and Ruth Fagal Scholarship

Wayne and Harriet Hooper Music Scholarship

Frederick G. Hoyt Library Endowment

Roger and Audrey Hunt Endowment

Irvine Foundation Scholarship

Edwin Karlow Scholarship

Eliza Landeen Scholarship

Willard H. and blanche Meier Scholarship

Harold Richards, Jr. Memorial Lectureship

Eva Specht Memorial Scholarship


Annual Scholarships

Athena Award

Kristopher B. Cabreira Social Work Scholarship

Horace and Maryall Crogman (H.M.C.) Scholarship

Hole, Ringe, Williamson Scholarship

Gail Kendall Annual Pre-Law Women’s Scholarship

SBM Book Scholarship

Marguerite Marsh Vocal Scholarship

Middle East Scholarship

Pat on the Back Scholarship

Joe Patton



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