The La Sierra University Advantage

  • Students are given the opportunity to do undergraduate research with professors.
  • A specially constructed Smart Lab allows students to graph and analyze chemical data, as well as do 3D molecular modeling to enhance understanding. They can even use 3D glasses!
  • Classes include hands-on, interactive, and small group learning.
  • Professors provide shortcuts to help students better remember foundational and advanced information, giving them a head start in professional schools.

Employment Outlook

Chemists work in research and in industry as chemical engineers, occupational safety, health managers, agricultural scientists, and chemical technicians. They also work in fields such as quality control, research and development, environmental testing, crime laboratories, food chemistry, manufacturing industries, and pharmaceuticals.

Chemists may teach or work in health-related fields including medicine, dentistry, health science, and medical technology. The majority of industry-related jobs in chemistry are filled by applicants holding a B.S. in Chemistry. Education related jobs in chemistry may be filled by chemists holding either a B.A. or B.S. degree and teaching credentials.

We offer the following:

Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry is using the knowledge of matter, and how it interacts with other matter, to solve problems that arise in our everyday lives. Students in the La Sierra Chemistry and Biochemistry programs are encouraged to develop a sense of intellectual curiosity about chemical theory and to learn its practical applications. The program also provides excellent preparation to enter medical or dental school or prepare for a graduate program in the health sciences, as well as other careers in the chemical industry.

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