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A book advance allows students to use a portion of their anticipated financial aid, up to $550, to purchase textbooks and supplies from the campus bookstore prior to the beginning of the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Students who have been awarded federal or state financial aid and who will have a credit balance after tuition and other campus charges are paid are eligible for a book advance.

  1. Joe’s charges for the quarter are $14,000 and he has approved aid in the amount of $14,600.  Joe would be eligible for a book advance of $550.

  2. Sue’s charges for the quarter are $14,000 and she has approved aid in the amount of $14,200.  Sue is eligible for a book advance in the amount of $200.

    *The amount of the book advance is based on a student’s registration, charges, and aid at the time the advance is made.  Any changes to the registration, charges, or aid after the advance is given may require the student to repay the funds received.

  1. Submit all documents needed for the processing of aid to the office of Student Financial Services by the published deadline, so aid will be approved before the start of the term.

  2. Clear any outstanding account balance from other terms.

  3. Obtain acceptance to an eligible program and register for classes.

  4. Check the list of book-advance-eligible students that is posted at the Bursar and SFS offices:

    • Posted on Monday the week before classes start in Fall and Spring terms;
    • Posted the first business day after January 1, prior to the start of Winter term.

  5. Visit the SFS office if enrolled less than full-time or if ID number does not appear on the above list to obtain eligible amount for advance.  Appointment recommended.

  6. Use the advanced funds at the university’s bookstore to purchase books and supplies.

  7. Request that any unused portion of the advanced funds be transferred back to your student account; otherwise, funds will remain on the ID card to be used solely at the bookstore.

  8. Sign up for direct deposit or update current mailing address, so that once aid has paid to your student account a credit refund for the remainder of the uncommitted funds can be issued to you (see the refund policy).
  • Check your Portal and e-mail accounts frequently to ensure that you do not miss important information.

  • Schedule changes will affect financial aid and book advance eligibility. If you are not registered full-time (Undergraduates: <12 credit hours; Graduates: <6 credit hours) visit with a financial aid counselor before purchasing books to make sure that your award is correct.

  • Spend conservatively. Spending more than you need to will only be borrowing from your total uncommitted aid funds for the quarter.